Quality assurance systems, procedures and practices are developed, reviewed and changed with participation of employees at functional levels.
  • Keen to adopt applicable quality assurance and quality control policy forever and for all the works.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the quality system in regular interval and updating the changes immediately
  • GEE has set the procedures for systematic collection, indexing and retrieval of the documentation related to any job/project and strictly adhere to them.
The Quality Management System of GEE is a well-documented and established collective body of processes, operating procedures, objectives, responsibility, resources and infrastructure needed to implement effective Quality Management.GEE has developed Quality Management practices to support the company's major project development activities.
Quality Management Services developed by"Gulf Electrical engineering"are designed to ensure:
  • The prevention of non-conformance through the establishment of effective quality management practices.
  • Detection of products non-conformance by conducting appropriate quality activities.
  • Demonstration of products conformance by conducting production test and evaluation programs.
  • Substantiation of prevention, detection and demonstration activities by the provision of appropriate supporting documentation.
Quality works give quality products, Quality products give Endurable life results in cost saving / profit home, there is no wonder of our company's improving, embossed quality policy and management.


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